Build-to-Suit Towers

Development of greenfield and rooftop towers

The cell tower is the most well-known wireless infrastructure asset - it forms the basis of the macro layer required to maintain consistent coverage everywhere. Since its inception, QMC Telecom has invested in the technical and implementation capacity to be a leader in the development of cell towers and related solutions, such as rooftop antennae. We estimate that our markets need up to 3 times as many macro-sites to meet the standards of developed countries, and we work every day to meet this challenge.

In order to build long-term partnerships, we offer know-how, uncompromising standards and service dedicated to improving our clients’ coverage and capacity. We have an experienced team in charge of all communication, negotiation and relationship with mobile network operators and our other partners. Our projects and developments are tailor-made to meet the needs of the operators while meeting all the requirements of our partners. We implement customized projects in accordance with the urban layout of the municipalities where we operate.

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