QMC Telecom’s solution increases São Paulo Expo’s Internet connection speed by up to thirty times

Imagem QMC Telecom’s solution increases São Paulo Expo’s Internet connection speed by up to thirty times

São Paulo’s Convention Center has state-of-the-art indoor wireless systems to adapt the event experience to the demands of the new digital era

São Paulo, April 2019 Technology has revolutionized the way people communicate and constantly challenges companies to seek increasingly efficient solutions to optimize data traffic. At an exhibition center, where thousands of people pass by every day, ensuring fast, uninterrupted connectivity is critical to promoting a good experience for visitors. To meet this demand, QMC Telecom, the leading wireless telecommunications infrastructure company in Latin America, deployed an indoor solution that increased the speed of data by thirty times within the São Paulo Expo, which has an area of ​​100,000 m².

During the last FutureCom, an event about communication technologies and hyper-connectivity and the first to debut the new QMC solution, the data rate ranged from 120 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Beforehand, the average was 10 Mbps for the entire pavilion. To make this possible, QMC utilized state-of-the-art MIMO 4×4 technology via an indoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network that extends signal coverage indoors. The solution was built and customized especially for this demand. The solution has 4.5G and was developed for signal transmission from the country’s main wireless carriers: Claro, Oi, Tim, Vivo and Nextel.

The system constructed for the São Paulo Expo consists of establishing several channels of communication between the antennas and the cellular devices, so that the speed in the traffic of information between the cellular and the network reaches world-class levels of excellence. With a speed of this range, it is possible, for example, to offer social networks without interruptions, stream videos without crashing, and upload a large number of photos and videos while downloading various materials. Such actions are fundamental these days in covering any event, which depends upon journalists and digital influencers to broaden the reach of the exhibitions and convey the experience of visitors beyond the pavilion.

“As the country’s premier event destination, we are keen to count on the support of top-tier suppliers, and QMC is fully aligned with this standard. Offering high quality services – fundamental in our business – the company has our complete confidence to operate within the São Paulo Expo, “says Daniel Galante, general director of São Paulo Expo.

In developing São Paulo Expo’s DAS installation, QMC had to account for the needs of the diverse public that spends its time at the convention center, as well as the size, architecture of the enterprise and the current coverage of each operator, investing to improve the user experience.

Aside from the system, fully funded and maintained by QMC, the company centralized the entire relationship with the telephone operators, greatly simplifying São Paulo Expo’s day-to-day operations. “It was necessary to balance the return on investment and the subsequent cost to maintain such a system with the ambition to provide users on each carrier’s network with the best possible experience when using their smartphones,” said André Machado, president of QMC in Brazil.

About QMC Telecom International

Founded in 2008, QMC Telecom International is a leading wireless telecommunications infrastructure company that develops, owns and operates wireless solutions to improve connectivity in Latin America. Their solutions include build to suit towers, rooftops, DAS (Distributed Antenna System) and small cells. QMC has more than 2,000 wireless assets built or under development. It operates in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil, the company’s main headquarters.

About São Paulo Expo

The space is a multifunctional architectural complex of 100 thousand square meters, capable of hosting trade fairs and public, congresses and national and international corporate events, as well as cultural, social, sporting and entertainment events. The center received an investment of R $ 420 million from French GL events for expansion and modernization, a process that was completed in April 2016. The bold and imposing architectural project was designed by Frenchman Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Located just ten minutes from Congonhas airport and close to Jabaquara subway station, São Paulo Expo has quick access to the main hotels in the region, which total more than 7,500 rooms.

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